Mi lugar de Zazen

where…am i? this…this is not the same! was everything before…just a dream? why?


Taking refuge in the Dharma and practicing meditation isn’t a cure all, or a “fixer.” Buddhism won’t make you more spiritual, closer to god, or fix your problems. Buddhism isn’t going to make you a better person, it’s not going to make your life easier.

In fact, the Dharma will do just the…

What is karma?


You eat lots of food, you will have to take a big shit.
You drink, water, well you’re gonna have to take a piss.


"Easter is upon us, an opportunity for renewal and rebirth…Both in spirit and the flesh. And yet we may also ask ourselves,"When the spirit is renewed and the body resurrected, what becomes of the sin?" Will not a trace of it linger to mock and torment us, to remind us of the roiling pit of despair that awaits the unrepentant beyond this life? And yet does it not often feel as if life itself is the pit?"


ash never thinks